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No task is done without the permission of Allah. Nothing is impossible or tough to do in this world until Allah has not granted a permission for doing it. For getting the permission of Allah for a specific task is to worship Him, please Him and doing prayers is compulsory. If we do not remember Allah and will not pray then nothing good is possible to be done. Allah is very beneficent and merciful. There is no doubt if we are not doing worship of Allah but still He will listen us and will respond us. He will never stop by giving us food.

It is seen that nowadays many people are having multiple problems in getting married. Many people comes and goes back by doing rejection. Many lame excuses are used for doing rejection. Many parents of girls are extremely worried for the marriages of their daughters. When some gets agreed on marriage and likes someone’s daughters or sons then still many hurdles are there which comes in the way. Hence it is very helpful to do istakhara before saying yes on any proposal. Istakhara is just about getting the opinion of Allah about the things that is going to be start or happen.

Istakhara for marriage

Istakhara for marriage is very helpful before starting any relationship because by doing istaskhara we will get to know about the wish of Allah related to that relationship. If istakhara shows positive response then you should must start that relationship and Allah will throw his blessings on that. While on the other hand if istkhara for marriage shows nothing or bad thing then you should must stop that relationship because it will not be very beneficial for you. There are many cases in which people spend huge amount of money on marriage ceremonies and after few days the couple get divorced. As people are spending money as water then if they spend few amount on istakhara online then they can get to know either that relationship is good for them or not and they can save huge amount of money by wasting especially they can save themselves from sorrow, grief and tension of divorce.

Istakhara for other purposes

Istakhara is not only beneficial for marriage but you can do it for any task or thing that is going to be started soon like if you are getting admission in a college or university, if you are starting a new business, if you are buying a new house, shop or property, if you are getting a new job or if someone is staying constantly sick. Istakhara is very helpful in telling the opinion of Allah about that task. Istakhara is just about tasking the opinion of Allah. There are many people who do not know how to do istakhara for marriage or simple istakhara for getting opinion of Allah related to specific task.

In Quran Allah has said which is mentioned in summary in below

All the people who believes should ask Allah for help with the help of patience and offering prayers because Allah is with those who use to do patience in difficulty. (al-Baqarah 2:153)

Istkhara Services

Hence we are here! We are providing you a facility of doing istakhara or special istakhara for marriage. We do istakhara for people and let them know about the opinion of Allah related to their specific task. We are doing istakhara from previous 15 years. We will do istkahra online for you and you will have to just pay a very few amount for it. You just need to put a request for the required type of istakara online and we will respond to you in just 24 hours.