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What is miscarriage?

This argument is being happen after doing successful Miscarriage Treatment of many women since 15 years. Miscarriage or abortion is a very painful disease of women. It is mostly a result of magic or jinnat while on the other hands it is said that it is a medical problem by different doctors and tabeebs because medical science do not accept the existence of black magic. Hence the main reason behind this disease is not explained to the patient but the reason indicated in the reports is somehow right which can be helpful for the treatment of patient for longer duration. Consequently, by doing so a person can only waste his time and money on these treatments. There is possible that any women may have a medical issue and may be it is not the wish of Allah at that time.

The women who faces this problem frequently and they have some spiritual reason behind it along with medical issue, they cannot heal it with only medicines. It is seen that this problem in females is because of churail a type of jinnat which badly affects the system of reproduction in females. It used to make such type of problems in women reproduction system which cannot be done Miscarriage Treatment through medicines only.

From one of the reasons is not having a baby from very start and sometimes to give birth to a dead child. Sometimes in fourth or fifth month baby is wasted. It is seen that the child who are born cannot survive for longer periods of time and they changes their colour into yellow or green. It is also seen that there is a magic of this type that if a girl is going to be born then she should grow and get normal delivery but if a boy then women should get a miscarriage. While on other hand some people have different kind of magic on them in it reverse.

It is also seen that some children after birth use to stay sick all time in the following ways.

  • Weight of children use to decrease constantly.
  • Baby use to cry constantly
  • Baby stays unable to move
  • Baby use to stay afraid all the time

It is also seen that some mothers and babies stays sick all the time.

Symptoms of miscarriage

Some main symptoms of miscarriage are described below which can vary from women to women.

  • Having dark spots at different parts of body
  • Irregular periods
  • Laziness
  • Constant pain at back
  • Freezing of blood in veins of hand and head
  • Having bad nightmares
  • Having no child

If both the husband and wife are medically fit but they are not having any child from longer period of wedding time and wife is having some of these problems she should visit a proper spiritual healer for getting knowledge about the proper reason behind this problem to get a good Miscarriage Treatment.


A medical Miscarriage Treatment can only be beneficial if the aftereffects of magic are ended from them. All the medicines which were of no use before they can be beneficial if the black magic is healed. It is also seen that this problem is moved from one affected women or child to another. Hence it is very necessary to be aware about what causes are of miscarriage.

If you are facing any problem from the above then you should consider a good spiritual healer and it is possible that you are involved in any kind of black magic. There is no doubt you should take medical treatment for it but once you should try spiritual treatment before taking medical Miscarriage Treatment or if you are taking medical treatment and your medicines are showing no result then you should also go for spiritual treatment.

If you are involved in this kind of problem then you should visit a spiritual healer for getting benefit before getting into more trouble. Get in touch with us and for getting knowledge about the treatment of miscarriage spiritually. We can give our services for looking deeply about miscarriage treatment and finding an appropriate solution for its removal and get you back in your daily happy life once again without any distortion, problem and effect of black magic.