Black Magic Spell for Revenge and Protection from Them

Black Magic Spell for Revenge and Protection from Them

Black Magic is famous for evil spirits by using negative energies to take revenge from someone’s competitors and even some friends and family members that someone could despise. It is important to keep in mind the curse of black magic when you are feeling some troubles in your life. From time immemorial, black magic has been used by human beings against other human beings to harm them spiritually and psychologically. Negative forces are used to affect the lives of living person by sending evil spirits and negative energies on them. People do this heinous crime only because of jealousy and envy for someone. For instance sometimes the rich, prosperous and happy families are vulnerable because particularly negative person feel envious to their status with wealth and standard of living. Aristotle said that man is selfish by nature so from this quote one can infer that man does not care about anybody but himself. The on-slot of black magic and it symptoms are difficult to detect with naked eye. It is possible that when suffering from this vicious ailment is unaware about the on slot. As it can’t just be felt by any common person or someone not with enough knowledge about magic. So there are many professional spiritual healers who detect or diagnose the sign and symptoms of black magic.

Sign and Symptoms of Black Magic

Generally it is believed that black magic does not harm a person physically. But it has been observed from many examples that it can also harms persons psychically like malfunctioning of different organs of human body. There are many sign and symptoms of black magic by which one can understand that he/she is suffering from this curse. It can be in the form of financial loss and unexpected happenings in the normal life of a person. Sometimes it obscures the efficiency of a person. The symptoms of black magic are surfaced variously in human beings. It can occur in the form of a strong and unbearable stomach ache, headache, tiredness and many other ailments like this. Sometimes it affects the thinking pattern of a person and the victims negatively and feels afraid of others and acts in nervousness. He can’t look straight into the eyes of other and even its own reflection in the mirror. Sometimes a victim of this magic can have different psychological disorder like schizophrenia and hallucinations. A person can have complications in family matters and problems in love. A person can also feel fatigued and numbness and working in the wrong direction due to the dominant of negative energies.

Protection with Spiritual Healing

As medical doctors treat the patients of different diseases, effect of black magic are treated by professional spiritual healers. The remedy to get rid of this magic is spiritual healing. Spiritual healing is as old as this magic itself. Different methods of spiritual healing have been proposed by all religions of the world. As Islam is the religion of peace so it has equipped its followers to combat this spiritual evil. Islam is a compete code of life it gives a proper treatment against this magical ailment. Spiritual healing in Islam is also available as Prophet Muhammad PBUH has also equipped his companions and follower to counteract the effects of black magic. Torturous and inhuman ways of treatment has been condemned in Islam.Spiritual healing in Islam is not violence oriented and it’s not against the self-respect of human beings. The religion of Islam has showcased very simple and easy to do methods to get rid of the menace of it. In today’s worlds there are several professional spiritual healers available who can be accessed by a single click. Prophet PBUH has also suffered from this agony so the existence of these negative energies can’t be ruled out.  Spiritual healers are well equipped, knowledge and experienced in this field and they are to be consulted if someone feels the unusual happening with him.