Black Magic Symptoms – How to Break a Curse

Black Magic Symptoms – How to Break a Curse

Black magic is known all over the world and it is known in different names. It is used for evil purposes. Black magic is also known as jaddo, sehr, curse, spell, sorcery and hex. Typically black magic is performed for the bad purposes with the negative energies.  If someone is mastered in black they invoke negative energies from hidden forces of this world and sacrifice animals or humans to keep in touch with negative energy spells. This way they control the evil spirits and use them for their bad purposes

How Black Magic is done

Most of times black magic is done with eat or drink of the victim from something which is spelled. Pictures of victims can be used to invoke black magic. Sometime they obtain a thing which victim possesses or used to possess and use for target of spells. There are many ways of doing black magic and which can be judged with the sign and symptoms of black magic. Some of these are:

Sign and Symptoms of Black Magic

There are numbers of black magic symptoms that can be observed to understand whether the person is under the effect of black magic or not. These symptoms may vary for every person according to health.

If someone is felling under given conditions he must look for spiritual healers to protection from black magic

  1. If some is gaining or losing weight without any reason.
  2. Extreme headache.
  3. Eye sight problems
  4. Difficulty in sleep and eyes color getting grey
  5. Feel so much stress
  6. Problem in breathing
  7. Feeling unseen pressure on body
  8. Excessive Water in eyes
  9. Feeling angry on small thing
  10. Forgot important works and things
  11. Voice change
  12. Excessive Use of smoking and alcohol.
  13. Unable to see straight into the other eyes and even to see its own reflection

How to break a black magic curse

There are different methods to protection from black magic. Choose one of the below mentioned methods and follow with firm belief. In ancient times the victims of this curse were treated through traditional methods that sometimes vary in nature through torturing and also where the victim was isolated from the rest of the community. They were chained and tortured very brutally. Islam has addressed this issue by giving simple and easy to do methods or ways to cope with the effects of this spiritual evil. Black magic in Islam is treated through the method where verses of Surah Ruqahhya are recited.

If you are looking for Remove evil eye, Black magic protection Immunity and protection from black magic then there are many spiritual healers available near you that can treat this black magic curse. The protection from black magic with Quran is possible through the recitation of particular surahs and verses. Sunnah of the Holy Prophet PBUH is also to be followed to get rid the effects of this magic. Religious scholars and modern spiritual healers are also fighting against this ailment. The religion of Islam has also proposed life style which can be used as preemptive measure to protection from black magic in Quran.  

  1. Offer five time prayers a day
  2. Recite the Quran daily as much as possible and pray from god to protect us from evil eyes or from all mishaps
  3.  Keep yourself clean and try to maintain Wadu as much as possible.
  4. Recite 4 Kuls at night if you have doubt that you have the sign and symptoms of black magic.
  5. Recite Surah Fatiha 41 time 3 times in day.

The best advice is to all is don’t treat the victims at home if you don’t have any religious and spiritual knowledge, but it is suggested that contact the professional spiritual healers because they deal with these kind of cases to daily basis and have enough experience to diagnose the condition rightly and then treat it accordingly. Choose the best spiritual healers without hurry so you wouldn’t stuck in the trap of fake Amal babas.