How black magic is done & how to protect yourself

How black magic is done & how to protect yourself

To know how black magic works, it is essential to know that what black magic is. There are two kinds of energies in human beings, one is positive energies and second is negative energies. Black magic is simply associated with negative energies of person. When an individual is obsessed with negative energies he actually acquires a power to harm others for the sake of no good. Negative energies are transmitted to another person in the form of evil spirits and causing spiritual damage to the victim of black magic.

It is very difficult for one who is suffering from its effects to come to know that he is under the shadow of black magic. There are many spiritual healers and religious scholars who are to be visited to get to know about if the person has the sign and symptoms of black magic. The on slot of black magic can’t be seen with naked eye. For that purpose some spiritual healers must be consulted.

Sign and Symptoms of Black Magic

Black magic can have enough symptoms because it can be used for different purposes. And it affects according to victims mental and physical health. If some is feeling these under given types of situation then these are surely sign and symptoms of black magic and need professional spiritual healers.

  1. Gaining or lose weight without any reason.
  2. Colors of eyes getting Grey.
  3. Depression
  4. Feeling difficulty in sleep or over sleep
  5. Remain angry and feel irritation on normal things
  6. Forgot very important task and work
  7. Feel change in voice
  8. Excessive use of Drugs and alcohol
  9. In women chances of miscarriages
  10. Problem in breathing
  11. Eye sight problem and excessive tearing

These are some sign and symptoms of black magic which affect your health and financials matters very badly.

How Black Magic is done

Most of the time black magic is performed to hurt a person psychologically and spiritually. A person who want to send evil spirits and negative energies upon a other man he does it through another man who has acquired the power to harm other persons by using these negative forces. They are the persons who exercise black magic and get material benefits by doing this. An ordinary man can’t exercise the power of black magic but the person who have acquired this power and exercise it for bad purposes. A bird name Owl is also used to perform black magic by these persons. The signs and symptoms of black magic cannot be detected by a common man who is suffering from it. The symptoms of this curse are usually detected or diagnosed by professional spiritual healers.

How to protect yourself from Black magic

There are several methods, techniques and approaches to get rid of the menace of black magic. Sometimes psychiatrist is consulted to cop up with bad effect of this magic. There are many other spiritual healers who are consulted to get rid of the evil effects of this curse. Religion also plays a vital role in combating this vicious evil. In ancient times Spiritual healers had treated this evil by torturing the victims and sometimes victims were chained and secluded from the society. But Islam has negated this method of torturing and exorcism to treat this illness. Spiritual healing in Islam is totally against the traditional methods used by different religions of the world. Islam has given a very simple and easy approach to curb the affects of evil spirits. Different Surahs and Verses of Quran have been advised to recite to get rid of black magic. Professional Spiritual healers are also there to provide their services. They adopt different spiritual healer’s methods to mitigate or to counter the havoc played by this evil spirits. A spirtual healer in Isalm is an easy task and less complicated task to perform.