Before the mention of the symptoms of genetics, one theory should be corrected that some people say that the person's influence on human beings is justified and what I say is the effect of the genocide that he plays only psychiatrist or medical Some patients may also have such a case, but every person is a psychologist or a medical patient. This theory is not correct, some of the factors also keep the same opinion as if they do not know the perfect knowledge, then they should be treated later. The thing is to put the patient into further trouble by misguiding here, but here I ask those who say that the effects of the jinn are all layer story. When there is no disease in any test, even if the patient is ill when there is no disease in the test, what is the medication given by the doctor, doctors finally tell that the patient is widespread or there is no mental pressure. The person who is not tired in the age of the rest, even if he is healthy, if the patient has no shock or any trauma, then it is nothing but a rationale, so as to be diagnosed with the medical examination after the medical examination. Well, perfect spiritual therapist can diagnose the illnesses known as symptoms of genetics

  • Suddenly a perfume can be smell. There may be a sign of a genocide.
  • The patient who suffer in shadow ghoast is often weighted on the head, shoulder and back neck.
  • On whom the Jinnah cashews appear, many times feel as if there is something behind me. Even though this idea is so intense that it needs to be seen again. But looking forward to seeing nothing.
  • Ghoast also appear in terrible forms in dreams or visible directly to giants or traps. This is a sign of clear genetics.
  • Stolen and missing of things, cash, jewelry, etc. from a place where a house is a genre, it is possible that there is no possibility of access to anyone except you. If something is lost from a place where people can also come to homage etc., instead of investigating the masses of the jinn. While going to the house, bodybuilding or racing in cold rains or fearless cause is a sign of genetics. The presence of a person is a symbol of feeling of sleeping in a symbol of strangers etc.
  • Many times when the gurus want to scare or mischief, it feels as if there is a race on the ceiling or is dragging four stripes.
  • In the midnight, take as if cooking. Sometimes this feeling is due to the fragrance of the gravy, it looks as if there is a Hundya Bone. And the sound of the vessels, during the cooking, the sounds begin to come, it also causes naughtiness of ghoast.
  • There is a lot of times in the house where the Jin is there, or pass anyway from the behind or someone is watching from behind the window or curtain.
  • Bleeding on the walls of the house, ceiling, floor, sofa, or family clothes. Both causes and symptoms may be due to this.
  • Where there is a genre, there may be such a possibility that after holding the right handmade in the closet, after taking out, seeing it is cut on them, and they are covered by burning. (This symbol sometimes occurs with magic).
  • The shadow patient of ghoast or the general human place where the genealogy rises suddenly becomes frozen and irritable throughout the body while sleeping. Even if somebody wants to read, they cannot read and scream if they were not scared. Then, during that period, suddenly the whole body can be opened and the infiltration of movement can be encountered.
  • Gastrointestinal patient sees dogs, wolf, monkeys, bears or lions in a dream.
  • While sleeping, suddenly weighing on our whole body. Or getting a half of the body partially. Sometimes, before sleeping, it becomes quality after falling on the bed. This purity is available to the genetic patient.
  • The shadow patient feels like when he sleeping someone awake jerk his hand or feet .(17) Listen to own name. But the person who calls for the voice of the person is not present at home from the front, or he is deep sleeping. It is also a mischief of the jinn.
  • Sometimes the shadow patient of the ghoast feels like women sometimes as a cat or like suddenly jump on her stomach.
  • Those people who are genocide can also face this collapse, and family member get hyper in minor things, and the excessive anger over minor things. And especially in the angry state of being red eyes.
  • The wife should be more hateful any reason on own husband, let her husband not get closer. The same Holican relationship with the husband is not willing to go close to it. Such women sometimes feel awake that there is someone else besides them on their bed. And some times in the dream see the situation that cannot share tell anyone, and easily see what.