What are the top 5 Effects & Dangers of Alcohol During Pregnancy?

What are the top 5 Effects & Dangers of Alcohol During Pregnancy?

Alcohol is more dangerous for us than we know. Being integrated in our society’s system, it has become a norm for most of us and yet we are oblivious to what harms it can bring. Shifa Ali has been the shining light for many people’s dull issues in Pakistan and UK since 2003. Offering best spiritual healing, we also provide answers and explanations for common problems like a sudden Miscarriage caused by any reason.

Alcohol is a silent killer for us humans. For women during pregnancy, it can have devastating effects that go beyond common comprehension. Dangers of Alcohol During Pregnancy are so great that the conceived baby can eventually be lost before it even sees light of the world. Even worse, permanent conditions can develop in babies hampering them for life in more ways than one.

Effects of Alcohol During Pregnancy

The debate about How Alcohol Passes to the Baby through mothers’ inner system has been going on for centuries. Doctors have now analyzed the matter with great care and have proven that any Binge Drinking can simply make your pregnancy go away sooner than it came. Here are a few devastating effects alcohol can have during pregnancy:

1: Alcohol Can Weaken Pregnancy

Yes, alcohol passes to the mother’s inner systems where it is not supposed to be. Internal organs where the pregnancy is conceived, sensitivity to alcohol is so great that only a small amount can cause havoc. In the worse case scenario, alcohol travelling through the mother’s system into the pregnancy can weaken it to a point where miscarriage can happen. There can be so many reasons why a mother goes the drinking ways during her pregnancy. One of the Symptoms of Miscarriage caused by alcohol is high heartrate among many others.

One of the Effects of Alcohol During Pregnancy is actually the loss of pregnancy. Mothers under the influence of black magic or other forces can be drawn to alcohol as a result. Bad life habits can also cause too much alcohol intake that can be devastating for the pregnancy. Shifa Ali brings working Magic Solutions and also treatments that can keep mothers away from alcohol whether it comes from any sources.

2: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders for Babies

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders or simply FASDs are conditions no mother wants for their children. The term FASD is actually an umbrella term used for many medical and physical conditions in babies caused by alcohol use by the mother. These include:

  • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) – This condition affects the face of the baby permanently. Three specific facial abnormalities, Philtrum, thin upper lip and small palpebral fissures can be caused. A growth deficit and central nervous system (CNS) abnormalities can also be experienced.
  • Alcohol-Related Neurodevelopmental Disorder (ARND) – Formation of brain and nervous system can be affected in babies causing Intellectual Disabilities, Behavior or Learning Problems and Nerve or Brain Abnormalities.
  • Alcohol-Related Birth Defects (ARBD) – During pregnancy, due to alcohol exposure, babies can have defects in organ formation including Heart, Kidney, Bones, Hearing and/or Vision.

All these and many more disorders can occur due to the mother using alcohol during the pregnancy. It is simply advised for the other to stay away at all costs from alcohol.

3: Alcohol Demolishes Mother’s Confidence

Another gray area for alcohol is how it affects mother’s confidence. How Alcohol Passes to the Baby is a different debate altogether. Its usage causes mothers to lose confidence in their ability to deliver the baby. This affects baby’s health as a result leading to abnormal growth and/or many other physical conditions carrying out.

Overuse of alcohol can lead up to mothers spending more time in solitary. This destroys any confidence she has in her ability to become a good mother. Carrying forward, this affects her ability to nurture her baby even after the delivery. Shifa Ali in Pakistan and UK has natural treatments that are based on the mother’s spirit cleansing it from within.

4: Alcohol Destroys Calcium in Mother and Child

Alcohol is an anti-calcium agent. Absorbing in mother’s bloodstream, it has devastating effects on both the mother and the child. In the long term, alcohol can dissolve bones to an extent where it can become a problem. Since baby’s bones get developed from scratch inside the mother’s womb, affecting them at that stage, alcohol can cause permanent damage.

Effects of Alcohol on An Unborn Baby are so great that the whole life to come can be a misery if not treated right. Problems arise right from the first moment of pregnancy. Mothers trying to conceive should get alcohol out of their systems even before they try for the baby. Shifa Ali has confidence boosting spiritual treatment for mothers helping them cut alcohol out of their systems.

5: No Amount of Alcohol Is Safe

Finally, No Amount of Alcohol Is Safe for the mother and the baby. It is easy to think that a glass of wine or two would be harmless. Yet, that is far from truth. Simply, drinking a single glass of wine will always entice the mother to be to drink more. Even a tiny amount on its own is not safe to start with as well. Alcohol can be the first cause of Miscarriage in a conceiving mother.

Mothers should simply not let alcohol get near them at all. Even the smallest drop absorbing in the wrong cell of the body can cause great problems. Shifa Ali is your place to be for high-quality spiritual healing that helps keep away from alcohol and its devastating effects during pregnancy. We have effective Miscarriage Treatment solutions that involve confidence building and habit changing for alcohol use in women.