Why Miscarriage Disease Is Dangerous for Your Health?

Why Miscarriage Disease Is Dangerous for Your Health?

You received the good news that you are expecting? Yes, Best News Ever! Now that you are pregnant, you may be a bit worried about the risks of a miscarriage. These bad feelings are quite oblivious. There are countless women who face this severe problem every day around the world. There are two key concerns, reasons for miscarriage and what causes miscarriage? We are here to guide you and we will provide you an authentic guideline.

Most of the miscarriages occur due to some genuine issues such as medical complications and evil eye/supernatural powers. And yes, you have no control over and we bear this loss to admit that something will happen better by Allah the Almighty. Indeed, Allah is the Best Creator and He Knows All.

Top Reasons of Miscarriage

In reality, it is pretty challenging to pinpoint the exact cause of miscarriage. Learning what causes miscarriage may assist put your mind at the comfort and support you improve your probabilities for having a healthy and full-term pregnancy period. Here is an overview of some of the most common reasons for miscarriage.

1. Abnormal Chromosomes

Yes, because of a problem with the chromosomes of baby, more than half of miscarriages occur in the first thirteen weeks of pregnancy. Chromosomes are the biggest source that consists of a gene that determines your baby's unique qualities, such as hair and eye color. Therefore, a baby can't grow normally with the damaged and wrong number of chromosomes. Check out here some other things which are also important to remember about abnormal chromosomes,

  • There is no way to stop chromosome issues from happening
  • As you get older like after age 35 and expecting, your risk for chromosome issues precisely, and miscarriage in general, increases.  

Note that: Miscarriages from chromosome issues normally don't occur again in forthcoming pregnancies.

2. Evil Eye

Being a Muslim, we believe that there is a power which is called an evil eye and it is very dangerous for us. The evil eye is the biggest factor that causes miscarriage. This thing is most popular in the South Asian Muslim countries and it is just because of the low rate of education. Women who live in rural areas of Pakistan, India or Bangladesh, have a jealousy factor and it is a very dangerous sign. They jealous a woman who gave birth to a baby boy and they are mothers of daughters. In another case, if Allah did not bless a woman with a baby then she feels jealous for that mother who has kids. So, avoid such kind of acts, in the end, we have to pay for it on the day of judgment.

3. Domestic Lifestyle

Your habits as the mom-to-be can enhance the danger of miscarriage. Here are some habits that are hazardous for a growing baby,

  • Smoking may be the biggest reason. Some studies show an increased danger of miscarriage even if just the father smokes.
  • Heavy alcoholic drinking
  • Using deadly drugs

4. Environmental Hazards

As well as secondhand smoke, certain ingredients in your surroundings at home or workplaces may also put your pregnancy at danger for miscarriage. These include:

  • In homes which are built before 1978, Lead in old water pipes or paint
  • Mercury presents in broken thermometers or fluorescent light bulbs
  • Solvents such as varnish thinners, degreasers, and stain and paint removers
  • Insecticides or fly spray for killing pests or rodents
  • An arsenic element found near waste spots or in some pure water

Be sure to talk with your consultant about this. You may find your dangers are not as prodigious as you think.  

5. Medical Conditions

A miscarriage during weeks 13 over 24, the 2nd trimester, frequently results from an issue with a mom. These are some fitness issues that enhance a mom’s danger for miscarriage.

  • An infection such as,
    • Cytomegalovirus or German measles
  • Poorly controlled chronic diseases such as,
    • Diabetes or high blood pressure
  • Thyroid disease, lupus, and other autoimmune illnesses
  • Issues with your uterus or cervix, such as,
    • Fibroids; an abnormally shaped uterus
    • Or a cervix that opens and widens too early, called incompetent cervix

6. Supernatural Beings

Another biggest issue is supernatural powers (Paranormal Activities). Being a Muslim, we have a strong faith in Jinn's creation. We have to listen to our forefathers, they had shared their stories related to paranormal activities. Yes, these stories are true and their instructions are very useful for us at present. If you are pregnant and want a safe and healthy baby, then,

  • Don’t leave your home without any emergency
  • Don’t sit under trees at night time
  • Don’t visit fields
  • Don’t visit forest
  • Don’t live in home which is haunted

Why Miscarriage Disease Is Dangerous?

We have discussed the causes of miscarriage, now we are going to discuss why miscarriage disease is dangerous for mom’s health. Due to often miscarriage, your uterus may be damaged and you can also face fetal tissue problems. They get weak and feel weakness in their body. To avoid this, you should take serious steps,

  • Exercise regularly
  • Eat healthily
  • Don’t take stress
  • Keep weight within healthy limits
  • Take folic acid (tablets) daily
  • Don’t smoke

Best Possible Solution for Miscarriage

We have discussed reasons for miscarriage in detail, now it’s time to find the best possible solution for your deadly disease. I would highly recommend you to go with spiritual treatment. The best treatment in our country.

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